Ellen Cline, writer
Creative communication that markets, informs, and entertains

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About Ellen

I’m skilled at synthesizing and streamlining information for audiences with various knowledge levels. I also work closely with designers to develop visual concepts and organize content in a logical, reader-friendly way.

Whatever the topic, I can quickly master information to create marketing messages and materials that help you communicate and sell.

My 20+ years of experience includes providing service to clients ranging from small high-tech startups to established enterprises in healthcare, hospitality, financial services and other industries.

What I do

I help my clients with writing for all types of marketing and informational materials. This includes message development, copywriting, and editing.

My clients look to me for assistance with creating and maintaining website content, crafting press releases, writing ads and brochures, developing articles, editing white papers, and more.

Depending on the project, I work alone or as part of a team with other professionals such as web developers and graphic designers.

If it has something to do with communicating who they are and what they do, my clients know they can count on me.