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In many cases, writing projects are not just about writing—they often involve planning, research, organization, concept development and editing. The copy is also quite frequently just one part of a larger marketing piece, and a team is needed to fully realize the design and production. I enjoy, whenever possible, being in on the ground level, and being able to work together with the designers, programmers and other team members. I also think this is the best way to make your project a success.

My services include:

Gathering and organizing information
Where is the information coming from? This stage might involve interviews, research, gleaning information from previously created marketing materials, or looking at other background materials.

Development of messages and creative concepts
What are you really trying to say to your audience? First we will clarify the message or messages in plain English. When appropriate for the project, the creative concept, the clever, memorable way the message will be delivered with a headline and visual, will be developed next.

Writing and editing
Now we’re ready to write. Only after any needed research is done and messages focused will the actual writing and editing for the marketing project take place. By building upon a solid foundation, you’ll end up with the most effective communications possible.